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Git Integration

Git Integration

Building software is as much about managing teams and change control as it is about code.

To enhance the productivity of our developers worldwide, Studio is now integrated with Git, the globally preferred version control system, to keep track of versions in source code.

Just like SVN and TFS integration, Git integration lets developers determine what code was changed, who made the change, and when a change was made.

Workflow Differences

Workflow differences

Streamline reviews with a new file comparison option in Studio that lets you see two versions of the same file. Quickly spot differences in implementation or troubleshoot code by comparing automations in the same Studio window with visually highlighted differences.

Development Accelerators

Development accelerators

Automate more in less time. Multiple Studio enhancements including the new agility pack, regex builder, and web service libraries accelerate development and simplify automation.

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Real-time dashboard

View, monitor, and act on real-time status of all automations deployed globally.?This dashboard visually displays statistics about queues, jobs, each robot deployed, and any dependent or related information across time.

This makes it easier for an admin to monitor automation projects in a single location especially for large deployments.

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Execution snapshots

View snapshots of job failures, making troubleshooting much easier. You can configure recording settings such as duration, quality, and more, as an integrated part of configuring a new job for an unattended Robot.

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Keyboard shortcuts

Start your attended automation in seconds with a preset keyboard shortcut. Each automation is mapped to a unique key combination of two to four keys. You can setup shortcuts without admin intervention and they can roam across multiple machines.

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Veracode certification

The?UiPath?Platform has been certified as meeting the highest level of the?Veracode program - Verified Continuous. This validates?UiPath’s?software?development processes as including comprehensive and mature secure?practices.

Veracode has been named leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for application security for five years in a row.

Activity Enhancements

Activities are building blocks used to create automations. This release enhances many existing activities and adds new activities in areas such as IBM Notes email operations, PDF file handling, and document processing.

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Computer Vision

Computer Vision Artificial Intelligence (AI) solves one of the biggest challenges in RPA today: automating Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments such as Citrix, VMWare, and Windows Remote Desktop.

Computer Vision also handles other areas where traditional UI automation methods struggle: SAP, Flash, Silverlight, PDFs, and even images.

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Improved support for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments

Building on the industry leading solution for virtualized automation now you can also use native selectors to automate tasks in Citrix XenDesktop and Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments.

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IBM Notes support

A drag-and-drop IBM Notes Activity offers easy, quick, and reliable automation of important daily tasks in IBM Notes.

Users can automate many IBM Notes tasks end-to-end -- such as receiving, sending, moving, and deleting email messages, while taking care of attachments.

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PDF advanced automation

Automate complex PDF file handling scenarios with an upgraded PDF activity. Instead of custom coding to automate complex PDF scenarios, developers can simply drag-and-drop this activity into workflow and get quicker automation results.

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Document Processing Framework

Speed up document processing automation by using a ready-to-go infrastructure that supports digitization, classification, data extraction, and human validation.

Developers can now?use the activities delivered in the latest Intelligent OCR package to build their own business-customized document processing flows in a standardized, easy way.

Partner Integration Key Highlights

The future of RPA depends on an open and extendable platform.

That’s why UiPath is committed to empowering you and our partners to integrate with the technologies you use today while providing a path for tomorrow.

Microsoft Office 365 Activities Package

Working with Microsoft just got easier with the addition of 35 Activities to the Office 365 Activities package, offering automation beyond the desktop client.

Enhance your productivity and collaborate with peers and robots, as robots can now automate tasks for online versions of Excel, Outlook, and OneDrive. Download the activity package now from UiPath Go!

Microsoft Visual Studio Activity Set Extension

Create custom Studio Activities within moments with the UiPath Activity Set, a Microsoft Visual Studio extension. The Activity Set extension is for the beginner just starting out creating a custom Activity, as well as for an advanced developer wanting to learn best practices.

Simply install the Microsoft Visual Studio Activity Set Extension and immediately see a working example, then customize as required. Download Activity Set Creator now from UiPath Go!

Community Updates

Community is at UiPath’s heart. Through UiPath Connect! – our social network for the RPA world - developers from Romania, India, the USA, and beyond, can explore, grow, and create automations together.

Connect! Superbadge

With the Connect! Superbadge, you can highlight your RPA prowess for all to see?. Connect! profiles now feature the highly coveted Certified RPA Developer Superbadge.

Tell the world that you’re now UiPath-certified on a platform where customers and partners are already looking for RPA talent.

Oh, and did we mention - certification is free until June 30, 2019.

Deeper Go! and Studio integration

UiPath?Studio now?automatically shows the newest components from Go!.?You?can?add components to your project without having to navigate to go.uipath.com to manually add components to Studio.?

Exciting experience in their words

For months, our global developer community has tried these features in the preview version. Check out their experience with these capabilities.

"Awesome job UiPath team!??Looking forward to trying GIT version control on my projects"

on Git integration

“We love to use it as a tool within UiPath (similar to UiExplorer) and compare any two local files.
P.S. Looking at the news feed frequently with new changes is exciting?!!!”

on Workflow differences

“That’s a huge leap, UiPath Go is more sleek compared to the former.“

on Deeper Go! and Studio integration

"Overall, these are some awesome enhancements! I hate to say it, but you are almost moving at too fast a pace! Can't keep up with all these new and cool features."

Development accelerators

"I was literally shocked when I saw the video, this is so exciting, can't wait to go there and do stuff with it. Kudos UiPath team this is great stuff."

Computer Vision

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